I ain't no Ninja!

There are no central databases in Bangladesh for adventurous people, who go for summiting mountains in the country. Currently in some of the mountains, you will find bottles, inside of which there are paper notes. Whenever someone or a group of people reach to the top, they write down their name and summit date and may be some other things. This is the only source of proof at the moment for their record.

So I came up with an idea, which is this work https://mountainsummitbd.com. This is a central (and unofficial and non-governmental) database and a showcase where all the climber, who made to the top of at least one mountain among top 15 highest mountains in Bangladesh, will keep their record to show it to the other climbers or other adventure lovers who intend to summit mountains to encourage them.

It is my daily requirement to know what is the time of sunrise and sunset for today. Also, I want to know what is the phase of the moon, when moon will rise and set. To know about the date in Islamic Hijri Calendar today is also another requirement. I had to go to different sources to know all these information. So I've developed this website to show all the above information in one single place. Hope you will find this necessary.